The Story of a Baby Proofer

No Two Journeys Are The Same

It's likely you've never met a baby proofer.  I hadn't until I ventured out on my first job.  So you might be curious as to how one begins.  If not, skip to the next page and order some


I was born and raised in Atlanta and earned my BS from GSU in Education.  It took a couple of years to discover classroom teaching was not for me so I wound up in another career no one sets out to do which was recruiting.  I was pretty successful during my 20+ years as a recruiter and along the way was blessed with a wonderful wife and two lovely children.  

Unfortunately, my life took a tragic turn as my wife died in a traffic accident.  Suddenly I was left to raise my kids (10 & 7) as a single dad and found juggling parenthood and my career was more than I could handle.  

So one day I picked up a magazine and read about baby proofing and how fulfilling it could be.  The fact that it focused on preventing serious accidents obviously factored into my decision.  So in 2002, I opened Super Safe Tots! and ultimately child proofed nearly 1,600 homes over the next 10 years.  Most of my clients were referrals and I even appeared on TBS Movie & A Makeover as a Child Proofing Consultant.

Due to family issues I had to close down SST! a few years ago and really missed working with the families.  I returned in 2014 with a short stint at another child safety company then opened Baby Gates Of Atlanta in 2015.  I've learned over the years most parents want quality baby gates on their stairs and they don't like to wait.  So that's my focus now and I hope it allows us to meet one day soon.

Lou Heintz

Baby Gates Of Atlanta

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